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Effective & Affordable Tick Control

Ticks are less common in Louisiana than other states – but that doesn’t mean they aren’t a concern for you and your family. Ticks love to bite and transmit diseases, including Lyme disease. If you’ve witnessed ticks around your property, on your pets or even yourself, it’s important to take precautions and eliminate ticks in your area.

Look no further than Mosquito Squad of South Central Louisiana for tick control services in Baton Rouge, Washington, Lafayette and surrounding areas. Our barrier tick treatment services are designed to kill adult ticks that are known to bite and spread disease. We also offer tick tube solutions that are specifically designed to kill the nymphs (baby ticks) when they try to get their first blood meal from mice that are infected with disease. Our tick control technicians are specifically trained to treat your yard and home so that ticks never become a concern for you and your family.

You can have peace of mind all throughout the year knowing that Mosquito Squad of South Central Louisiana has treated your yard to reduce the risk of ticks. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee to assure you that we believe in our tick control services and take our tick prevention job seriously.

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